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Florida Conveyancing for UK Residents

Specialists in Florida Property Law for UK residents

Dealings with property in Florida can be a daunting experience, particularly as it involves understanding another country's law and taxeuk based Florida lawyers. We can guide you through the complexities involved when buying or selling property in Florida.

Such complexities may include the Florida law relating to succession, US Estate & Gift Tax, and the tax treaties between the United Kingdom and the United States which are key to helping you decide the best ownership structure to use.

We can explain the whole process and what it means to you and your family. We offer prompt, speedy and effective legal advice on the Florida system.

In addition to dealing with all aspects of buying and selling property in Florida we also offer the following additional legal services:

kevin burke US UK attorney

UK Based Florida Lawyer - Kevin Burke

Kevin Burke has 18 years of experience as an American attorney. He currently practices in the U.K. representing British, Irish and European business and individual clients as both an American attorney and English Notary Public.